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All I’m trying to say is 90% of websites I look at have so many classes you can’t tell whats going on.

You guys can disagree with me, but I’ll only use classes for stuff I know I’m going to reuse across a page or multiple pages. Otherwise I try to use as few IDs/classes as possible. For instance if I was going to recreate that page above my markup would look like this:

<header id="masterHeader">
      HI, I'm

<article id="introduction">
  <p>I studied to become a <a href=''>silversmith</a> at <strong>university</strong> for many years but half way through switched to jewellery as I found it to be more <strong>interesting</strong>.</p> 

  <p>I've worked independently since 2007 in a <span>cooperative</span> studio which meant doing nearly everything related to the business by myself.</p>

  <h2>Where I'm From</h2>
  <p>I'm was born and raised in the UK, London to be more precise.</p>

  <h2>More About ME.</h2>

  <h3>My hobbies</h3>
  <p>I do like to induldge in the odd <strong>rts</strong> game whenever I have the spare time, but I've always found chess more enjoyable (there's nothing more satisfying then out thinking & crushing your opponent) so I've recently joined a chess club to horne my spartial intelligence and inprove my strategical thinking to better plan ahead</p>

  <h3>Career aspriations</h3>
  <p>I'm hoping to obtain a place on a <a href=''>Javascript course</a> in September to furhter my knowledge.</p>

   <h3>My background.</h3>
   <p>I've dabbled with computers over the years but nothing to specific, but I feel I've hit the ground running learning Html, Css and then on to Javascript!</p>

   <h3>My taste in music</h3>
   <p>My tatse in <strong>music</strong> is quite varied, from jazz to reggae and most recently I've taken a liking to modern classical music from movies when coding, I found the music claims my mood, espicially during frustrating moments when I become stuck.</p>

<footer id='masterFooter'>
  <p>Say hello to me on these social networks:</p>
    <li><a href=''>Github</a></li>
    <li><a href=''>Twitter</a></li>
    <li><a href=''>Google+</a></li>

  <p>cover image via <a class="largeLink" href=''>Unsplash</a></p>

It just my style, I find my markup and css are far more readable and maintainable this way. Again its just MY preference and what works best for me.