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I’m gonna disagree with shane. I always put id’s on my root level elements and only use classes if its something I know will be repeated across the page (stuff like widths/padding/colors/etc). I try to write my css in a way where i could take out any element on the page and plug it in somewhere else. For instance on your <header> element I’d dump all the classes and just place an ID on the main tag.


Everyone has their own convention and it really doesn’t matter though.

I’d just use strong and a instead of <spans> everywhere.

I’m not into the new html5 h1’s everywhere. I really don’t think your page above needs sections for every paragraph, they all seem related and under “Hi I’m Carlton”. I’d remove all the <sections> and make the headings h2’s.

Your unordered list at the bottom is backwards. The immediate children of the ul should be li’s. You should swap yours a’s and li’s