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wordpress is 99% the solution here

Maybe or maybe not. There are other solutions out there. Our clients have been told over and over, WordPress, WordPress… so it’s our job to educate them, to guide them.

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How do you go from the idea in your head or on paper to the final product.

It really depends on what the project is about, if it’s personal or for a client. If it’s latter, then I try to involve them as much as possible, iterating quickly. Some clients like to see full comps. It really depends on a client as well. The most important thing is that you are communicating right information and translating that into design. Process varies really.

Would you make a html/css version then convert it into a wordpress theme or do you go straight from paper to wordpress?

If I know that the final product will be WordPress theme then I’ll start in WordPress, coding from a base theme (starter theme). This doesn’t mean that I don’t test things out or demo something to a client purely in HTML. Don’t think of it as either or, better or worse scenario, use the tools at your disposal to get the job done.

when would you use something other then wordpress ( or a cms) for a site?

Really depends.

Most people that I speak to have no interest in html and just want to be able to update there content.

Great. This mean more work for you. Build them something they can use. Using WordPress or whatever. Then make $$$.

So would none wordpress things be just either (massive projects where the company has a guy or team employed to look after the site) or like your own personal projects.

Massive project? Not sure, really depends on the company. If it’s a company then I would imagine they would have necessary resources to pay someone to manage their site. As far as possibilities with WordPress, it can serve companies big or small. See, site built with WordPress for example.

It all depends.

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