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Yes, line #9 to line #24 is correct. And that’s where I want the static content.

And your bulletpoints are correct also :)

Also, I’m thinking about having the static content on the tag archives page too, and if possible, have the “Blog” menu option stay highlighted when you go away from /blog.

So say you click on an individual blog post or choose a tag, the menu option for “Blog” would stay highlighted with the blue rectangle.

That’s a bit of a slippery slope though perhaps, as then I’d probably want the same thing for the Portfolio sub-pages! Might be a bit too much and unnecessary.

My reading settings are here:

Minimalizine is the theme I was using, but I merged it with a child theme to create “Minimal Blue” :P I haven’t replaced the mentions of “minimalizine” within the files though, only the folder name has changed to “minimalblue”.