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GSAP gives me so precise timing and control over the animation, we will agree that timing in animation is most important. So, I find it much more usable and superior in creating complex animation then CSS3.

I really would like to see any working example of CSS3 SVG draw inline animation. I have spent some serious time searching for that example without results.

I am a big fan of animations generally and I have really special interest in SVG since I see as a thing of the future in HTML.

Does anybody knows how can I make the lines start form the edges of the screen when animating, I probably lack some knowledge. Seems to be related to the viewbox and new background property size of the SVG although it shouldn’t be…

IE11 workes fine(lines start form edges of the screen) but Mozilla and Chrome are bound to the viewbox and new background size property of the SVG so the lines are not animated the way I would like to…