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I think you’re saying duplicate single.php and turn that into a custom post type (think that’s incorrect on my part).

Indeed that’s incorrect. Working with custom post types is not beginner-level stuff, perhaps not novice-level stuff either so if that spins your brain then maybe that’s not the way to go.

Editing the single.php file will affect every single instance of every blog post. Try adding something to that file and see what happens. That should give you an idea what working with that template does.

But, wouldn’t that add the static post to every blog post? I only want it at the top of the blogroll pages.

Well, before you said:

How can I have it so the first paragraph on my blog is static, it always stays there on every page of the blog?

So I’m not sure what you consider the difference between “blogroll pages” and “every page of the blog”.