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Yes blinky neon signs but I will not over do it. Lets see how it
looks like first if too much I’ll remove it then.
But nobody comments the approach, rectangle in Illustrator without strokes or fills and on top of that rectangle the same one pasted on the exact spot(coordinates whatever :) – Ctrl + Shift + V) who’s paths I broke into lines that I used to manipulate position(x,y) and when done positioning of the lines I filled the strokeless rectangle underneath it.
I will continue animating but was afraid that I was doing the primitive way…


I was looking forward doing only CSS animation but it doesn’t work in IE. Here is a another element that I plan to implement on the one page website – it will tell people that we accept certain credit cards(it is not done yet) –
I abandoned that approach because of IE support drop and went for GSAP.