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I dnt need to save the results. the visitor can take the free test without any login credetials, answer al the questions (mostly option based questions and fill in the blanks (they might have more than one correct answer). calculate the result, display it to the user after he completes the test and thats about it. the score can be forgotten after its displayed to the user. i dont need to store the score anythere. there are 100 questions in the test.
i got a small code snippet that works but again thats not what i really want. this displays only one question at a time but i want to display 5- 10 questions per page. Other wise the code workds fine. But dnt know if its good for 100 questions.

here is the code snippet

the questions are something like this

a. Demonstrative and common adjectives

  1. This movie is very scary. (These/Those/This)
  2. Can you see that house? (Those/That/These)
  3. These books are available online. (These/That/This)

b. possessives

Are you _______ brother?
The ______ tail is thick and bushy.
____ going for Suman and Diya’s wedding.