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I reiterate – I need to know the budget of the client first. This would determine if I would be setting up a WordPress site with a ready-made theme and helping them set it up, not helping them set it up, making a custom theme or scrapping WordPress and making a static site… maybe they need a custom CMS (not likely)…

This wide range of options goes from a $3-5k on the low end to… a lot. And the low end would have a lot of very specific requirements about my time, etc.

Did I mention it would be in writing in an actual contract?

If I was a plumber and I recommended that they repipe their entire house, but they could only afford a patch, I would apply the patch to the best of my abilities (making sure to teach them about what might happen since they didn’t do my recommendation) and give them my card so they can call again when they’re ready for the full smash. So to would it be with a website… of course if they wanted to do it themselves, or know someone that’s a friend that can do it for $300, I’ll tip my hat and move on with my day – I don’t have time for that.