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No matter how often (or where) instructions are placed, some people will still skip over it.

Some people but not all. I’m the type of person that likes to follow forum etiquette and will often look for posts that already answer my questions. So even for me, if I was visiting for the first time, such post would get me up to speed, it would also make me feel motivated to contribute more. I also think there is a lot of people simply just lurking around. Maybe they feel intimidated to ask a question, or whatever. I think having the type of post I’m describing doesn’t hurt it can only benefit. You can’t make anyone read it but it is there for them if they care enough. As I’ve mention, it serves dual purpose, for us who care to stick around. It helps us help people. For me, I know plenty of time where I simply didn’t have time to reiterate information, so I passed on answering the question and let someone else take care of it.

Such post can be open-ended as well. Thinks like “How much should I charge for this?” or “How do I answer to my client?”… Such posts might contain valuable information but you have no way to categorize them, under “Other Discussions”? How about some of the OOP discussions we had in PHP Forums? WOuld that be valuable? How would you point someone to these discussions without spending some time using the search bar, or simply telling them to search. At the end I think it makes CSS-Tricks more inviting. Just my 2c.

The idea of a short screencast video is great as well. Just keep it under 5min. Maybe…

  • show how to use css-tricks (login, posting, simple markdown, linking to codepen, posting videos)
  • basic usage of codepen