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Thanks for the replies, guys. I think I found (and read) most of these links as well, Tom. It’s not a cross domain issue (as I’m embedding from the same url) and it’s strangely enough not only happening in IE9. I read somewhere the file’s details were the place to check if it’s installable. Can’t find the page again where i read that though.

It’s (obviously) the first time I’m trying to use an @font-face this way. Took the very basic approach (following W3, whistle) :

@font-face {
font-family: Humanist;
src: url(resource/humanist.ttf)

body {
font-family: Humanist

Also read this thread but didn’t have the other formats. Isn’t ttf cross browser? I’ve put it through FontSquirrel now and will report back on that, posting a live link if it hasn’t been solved. Kinda wondering where to check if the font is eligible for embedding.

Thanks again. :-)