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Thanks guys

Thank you, I thought that might be the case, I bumbed into that concept when declaring if statements before variables to try and get round codecademy bugging out.

Thanks, I really wasn’t expecting that much :D

I get the DRY premise, I watched Chris’ Modern Web Designer’s Workflow presentation. I’m so new that I’m not even aware I could/would need to reuse that code.

I have one question based on what you’ve done and one that came up from really examining the code to while trying and figure out what you did.

  1. Why do you need to return an object? I take it the slides.currentSlide line selects the getSlider() function then the currentSlide variable within the function? Or is it selecting the returned object? I don’t know what ‘returning’ an object is or does yet, I’m just not sure why you need to do it if the above line references the currentSlide variable.
  2. In the if statements it checks if both the prevSlide and nextSlide variables are equal to 0. Now is this referencing the DOM order? 0 being the end of available HTML elements within that selection and it would depend if you are moving .next() or .prev(). 0 for .next() would be slide 4 and 0 for .prev() would actually be slide number 1?

I hope that makes sense. I don’t want to pester you with annoying questions, I just couldn’t find any explanation for my questions that I could yet understand in the jQuery or w3Schools documentation.

Thanks again