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This isn’t a problem with devs cutting and pasting in JS they don’t understand I don’t think. It’s the entire design process, which a developer is a key part of.

There are probably books written on the subject, Google is your friend here.

I know for the sites here at work (ASUS), our analytics, which I don’t have permission to share unfortunately, do show exactly what your intuition says: people rarely interact with hidden content. So much so that I’ve been able to prove this to the powers that be and now that everyone is educated on this we get better designs out in the wild.

Everyone knows its true that people will rarely click to expand content or click on the 2nd or later slide in a carousel… but when design isn’t respected in an organization or from a client, things like this happen all the time. Add up a few thousand bad decisions over the course of a project and you get all the compromises you’re talking about.