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If you’re going to start making up your own definitions for things, then there’s no point in continuing this discussion.

When I asked if you had a specific question earlier, it was so I could determine if there was anything I could actually help you with. If you only want to share your opinion, you have done so. I don’t agree. That’s OK.

As I said when I started this thread, I brought up the issue for discussion or debate on pros and cons of width/height not including margin/border/padding, and hopefully a remedy may be devised to deal with the cons (I proposed to have a new property for box-sizing to include margin in width/height). So far I only see cons. And as I see here, the argument against width/height including margin/border/padding is purely based on the narrow definition of an element to be the part of content per se. This is just a conceptional or theoretical issue and can be easily dealt with by viewing the element differently.

As to if I have a specific problem to deal with, I’ve given an example in one of my earlier posts.