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Sweet thank you for the start! I copy and pasted that in to the .CSS and made my whole site at 170 degrees bwahaha. Now I will see if I can learn how add that to the template. (I’m not sure if I can solicit work on here or if I will get booted but I would be willing to pay someone to help me with this. :D)

Just so anyone that gives me help understands my coding level. :) I am a computer tech that used to do webpage design about 10 years ago, not a coder. I have a client who wants some webpages built. I thought, ok cool, I’ll just use weebly since that’s simple enough, but noo… now they want customizations… :P Well I’m actually really enjoying trying to figure things out but am so far out of touch with HTML and CSS coding that I signed up for all the free online classes I could find and am going for it! So far I have really enjoyed getting back into things. Anywhoo thank you for the help and advice and Shikkediel, thank you for the heads up on Transform. It looks like what I will need to use if I Could just figure out how to apply it now. :)