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It’s really up to you. If you think you can get all the content, design and development over in 1 week, then $1000 is not a bad number. But you are making a lot of compromises. So they should make some as well. The level of expectation needs to go way down. You simply can not spend too much time on this.

Another thing to consider is once you start at certain price point it’s very hard to get out of it. Because there will always be a perception of you being “cheap”. These clients will refer similar clients to you, and this is the primary way to acquire client (word of mouth). So imagine your current client saying to potential client “He’s great, he charged me this amount, you should call him”… this is a huge problem. So essentially you would have to drop all current clients and move out of that market. But again, you’re just starting out… so am not saying don’t take the money. While I think $1000 is not enough, it’s also not $0.

You can also look at it… do some great work and use that as your portfolio for the type of work you want to do in the future. Just realize that you need to move quickly out of that bottom feeding market.

Hope that helps,