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Would $2500.00 – $3000 be a good estimate range?


But make sure to:

  • Get the complete scope of the project. There’s absolutely no room for scope creep!!!!!!!!!!
  • Write everything down in detail what you are doing and what client expects.
  • Sign this paperwork (essentially making it a contract)
  • Figure out a decent schedule for delivering this project (give your self some extra time)
  • Charge $3k. Break the payment up in 2 (deposit before project begins, and final review).
  • Do some amazing work. Next time double your rate.

To echo much of the things that Chris and Senff already mentioned. We don’t really know the answer to this.

Soooo, how are you ever going to find out?

Just do it. Track your time, pay attention and learn. Gain some experience and next time you’ll be more equipped to make better estimates. Don’t contemplate too much. Sure you might lose money (time) in the end but you’ll know 100% more than if you didn’t try it.

Hope that helps,