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According to where I’m living the overall Web Designers make per hour is $17.00.

If the link you posted is meant to demonstrate that, we’re looking at different pages. The page says that the overall mean hourly wage is $28.80 (median is $25.45). The figure you are quoting is for people in the lowest 5th percentile. The mean average wage for those just starting out is $21.97 (median is $20.33), but even in those figures, the highest 5% are earning $36.38.

More importantly, look at the skills shortage information. 40% of employers have tried to employ someone in the last two years, over half of whom experienced difficulties in doing so.

Make sure you are offering quality work. Work within your skill bracket initially and your work will be of the same quality (hopefully better) than others competing for the same contracts. If your skills aren’t there yet, then take the time to develop them before charging for your services. I don’t see a reason for you not to charge at least at the average rates, but if you truly believe in what you can bring then I would urge you to focus on the upper percentiles rather than the lower.