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Thank you for this answer Shikkediel.

I supplanted the markup and style into a test case I created to learn from. Here it is:
For the sake of clarity, I increased the size of the line from 3px to 10px.

As you can see, there is a gap between the top of the window and the red line. Also notice that the red line doesn’t stretch the full length of the widow. What are Opera’s web designers doing that I am not so far?

I am basically asking right now for someone to fix this issue for me. I feel kinda helpless. How could I seek answers better in the future? I ask because ESR’s how-to-ask-smart-questions is the gold standard for aspiring programmers and coders to help beginners help veterans help beginners. It’s a great document. I use it all the time. However I just can’t think of how I could better approach learning about this red line without asking you ppl to ‘fix things’ for me. This is a little embarrassing. Am I asking my questions in this thread the wrong way? Is there a better way? What other information could I provide to help you help me?

I do apologize for the 2 week gap between the time of Shikkediel’s reply and today.