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I saw some design tutorials where they first design there website in photoshop and then convert it to html and css.
Is this the way all design professionals do it?

It depends what you want to specialize in (if anything). Being a Web Designer is a very broad term — do you want to actually design websites? Then Photoshop (or any other graphic application) is what you should use. Or do you want to develop websites more on the front end site of things? Then it doesn’t really matter how/where you design, because that’s the designer’s job.

That’s really how the “professionals” do it; one person does the designing (Photoshop, often), and then another person does the development.

Now, if you want to be more all-round and do designing and development (back-end and front-end), then….it still doesn’t matter how you do it. Do what works for you. Whether that’s creating something in Photoshop and then making a site out of that, or just creating it straight in the browser, you’re the boss of the way things are done.

Sometimes people work by drawing it on paper and then developing it. You are in control, so you can do it all the way you want to do it.