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Is it spammy to email them and ask if they would like to have their website updated… for a fee of course.

Kinda…after all, did they ask for your opinion?

I get many emails a week offering to update my company’s website and we’ve only had the current site up for less than 6 months.

The local business may not think their site is ‘crappy’, it might work very well for them….it may be that all they need is a ‘presence’ not an all singing and dancing fully, mobile friendly, fully interactive, enhanced user experience site.

They might just want a cheap as chips ‘Contact Us’ page for search engine purposes.

Any unsolicited contact is ‘spammy’ and something criticising my current site is unlikely to be well received.

Obviously, getting your name and availability out there is important but a well designed flyer or brochure through my door is more likely to grab my attention (and stay in my desk drawer) than an email.

My 2c.