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this is a different situation than a traditional website setup. The concept of the “web root” is fairly meaningless in the context of nodeJS. Unless you provide some way to access those files (e.g., set up a static server in node or put your project in a directory that another webserver (Apache/nginx) serves from), then they won’t be accessible.

You mention MT, so I’m assuming that you’re running node via Apache? and this problem comes up because your node project is in Apache’s web root? That would allow Apache to serve your node app as regular files, rather than running them as an app.

Ideally, this conflict would not exist: your node app simply wouldn’t be in a directory that another server serves files from. You need to either move those files, or tell Apache not to serve them (à la Deny from all).

Aside; node is not well-suited to traditional hosting plans (for this and many other reasons). A VPS is the way to go.