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Sorry bearhead for the late response.

The reason I have an interest in CMS is because while I am currently taking the time to expand my knowledge-base, I thought I’d ask for help on the whole CMS debate. The few sites I have worked on were only static, and should a potential project come along, I’d hate to have to turn it down because I didn’t have the foresight to learn CMS as well. Frankly, it is beginning to sound like I’m biting off more than my share.

The whole idea was born when I ran across the “Bones” theme, you know the “responsive & naked” theme by Themble. I thought I could kill 2 birds with one stone by either using that, or something similar as a “template” for both static and dynamic sites. That was the birth of the whole idea behind using WordPress. I am attacking the idea of responsive design by approaching it with the essentials, HTML5 and CSS3, the concept of Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox, media queries, and % based fonts and layouts.

If anyone has an idea of a better method of attack, please chime in.

Thanks bearhead, I appreciate your valuable input. I can almost discern the forest for the trees.