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@chrisburton def. When I was learning about building API’s, I started of with Ruby on Rails and the whole REST API. It’s really Laravel and Laracast that made me look back at PHP. Familiarity with PHP, it made more sense, for me. Since I started learning more about architecture and really looking at the bigger picture, it really didn’t matter what language, code, or whatever I decided to solve a problem with.

Sometimes, people are to reluctant to explore.

Maybe it’s my upbringings or the fact that I survived a war (5yrs) as a child, moved to America in 1997 with $500 in my pocket, not a lick of English. So questions like X or Y? Really don’t make much sense to me (this is not directed to OP, I don’t think the question is stupid to ask). I tend to put actionable thought behind it. How do I X, and How do I Y? Whatever you choose it doesn’t matter. I say, don’t take fun out of learning. Research what you need to know and learn it. All opinions get squashed. please insert cool emoji 1 or 2 here