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“thinking like a programmer”, I would think, involves seeing things as logical problems, breaking processes down into component tasks, and so forth. Being able to abstract a specific bit of code (or anything) into a general-purpose “idea.”

Will it “come to you naturally” — I couldn’t answer that. It does to some people. Others can figure it out, either on their own or with help. Some people need a lot of dedicated study and help to “get it.”

I don’t know what kind of “coding” you’re doing now, but if it is just HTML/CSS, branch out. CSS has logic to it, but it’s pretty well hidden away from a beginner’s eyes. HTML is literally coding — it’s not a programming language at all; just markup. Look at javascript, or python. Read about design patterns. Browse source code on github. Use the terminal/command line on your computer. Read good programmers (but focus less on “tutorials”).

And yes, practice practice practice.