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Thomas AJ

Considering the pervasive ‘abridgement’ of info in society (Twitter’s 140 characters as one example) and what some would say is a more clutter-free approach to design in general and specifically for smaller viewport devices, then the ‘Big Print’ look is no longer something only for library shelves for the elderly.

As for ‘movement’, ‘leaders’, etc., I guess you could point at some names here and there but generally it’s about simplification and disposability.

Personally, I like substantial info on whatever I’m interested in at the time, research it from different angles and if possible discuss it with others who can express themselves beyond twitterisms and facebook ‘likes’. For example, look at this page for ‘Anacalypsis’:

The PDF for it is 59 MBs and of course the text version page is fairly long. I’ve researched that and other materials of similar length and substance and have appreciated it. But for the many who think that ‘Cliff’s Notes’ is just way too much information, well, Anacalypsis and many other works would be an overload.

So, the same idea applies in the visual sense to website design. But you know, that’s not as disconcerting as the fact that such ‘abridgement’ affects all levels of society. It’s one thing to have a minimal look-minimal content, website or presentation, but when you have that attitude in those who are ‘leading’ society in some form or another then you’re going to have some complications in the long run.

Like many others I too like to ‘keep it simple’, but not to the point of ‘See Spot Run’. :-)