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Here’s the getting started guide, it should come in handy.

Jekyll and inuitcss are totally separate, so you don’t really install one “into” another. Jekyll is just a generator that makes it easier to maintain a static HTML site – it’s not doing anything special other than creating HTML pages from the Liquid templates you create.

Inuitcss, as you know, is just a CSS framework, so it doesn’t care about Jekyll, and vice versa. It’s composed of various modules, each one allowing you access to a certain set of styles. Unlike something huge like Bootstrap, you only import the modules you need.

First, install Bower if you don’t have it. Then you need to grab the Inuit starter kit, which contains the only modules actually required by Inuit. After that, you can (using Bower) download whichever other modules you need. All these modules are saved in a bower_components folder and can be imported into your main SASS file.

The version of inuit I used for this site is a little older, and it works by just saving inuitcss to its own folder and importing everything from there. However, I highly recommend using the new version and method because it’s put together much better. There’s also a whole CSS organization system created by Harry Roberts (covered in the link), which you should totally consider looking into.

Thanks for the reply!