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I like the functionality, solid and works well.

Design wise I think it could use some improvement. Good to see you have started with responsive in mind but I think certain things like the navigation need to be better when they are on smaller screens. A lot of sites resort of ‘off canvas navigation’ for large menus on small screens although it can become a little messy. I would definitely have a look at doing something with the navigation on smaller screens whatever the case.

Two of the other things I picked up on where colour and fonts. With the colour it sometimes looks very contrasting. For example the text on the centre image doesn’t look right with the thick black border around it, I would tone that down.

There needs to be a consistent use of fonts, at some points on the page you are using serif fonts and at others you are using sans-serif fonts, I would try and keep to using the same style of font across the site.

The font in the navigation looks a little funny, all of the letters in the words are two close together (kerning), I think switching the font set out entirely would be better.

Other than that, I think you are generally heading in the right direction!