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Sorry. I’m new at this. I’ll do my best to explain it.

My instructor gave us a stripped ebook and asked us to turn it into an ePub. We had to include several components.

What are you validating? – I’m attempting to validate an ePub. It’s the most basic way I can put it.
how? – using ePub validator – I used the W3C to validate each individual page (html) and they all passed.
what is the result? when I created the ePub and attempted to validate it, I get the following result:

ERROR OEBPS/content.opf line 35 position 16 item with id ‘ncx’ not found

from what I can determine in that, it’s my spine code

what does the offending code look like?
<spine toc=”ncx”> this is what it’s telling me is the problem
<itemref idref=”introduction”/>
<itemref idref=”one”/>
<itemref idref=”two”/>
<itemref idref=”three”/>
<itemref idref=”four”/>
<itemref idref=”appendix”/>

what have you been able to rule out?

I’ve checked other opf files and contents, and they all look the same, and it doesn’t appear that anything is misspelled or labelled wrong. Of course i’ve been staring at it for three weeks, so I could be wrong.

It’s a continuing education class, so my fellow students aren’t very social with each other. And my instructor only checks his email between 9-5. My computer basically melted down, nuking all the work I had done for two & a half weeks, and I’ve been up since Sunday working on this. Class only meets once a week. My instructor gave me an extra day to do it, meaning today, and offered, begrudgingly, tomorrow as well, but I’d like to get this done without the extra extra day.

I hope that gave you what you need to know. I hope you can help me.

Thank you for answering.