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If I’m handing others the source it’s like I’ll be working for nothing.

Before getting into whether or not “open source”* is a good thing or not, let’s get one thing clear:

the only possible way to “protect” your javascript (meaning, “keep control of it” and “prevent others from taking it”) is to keep it off the internet. Websites work by literally handing the source code over to whoever asks. Users run the code, not you. If they don’t have free and total access to your code, they can’t see the result. Period.

* BTW, “open source” and “free” are completely not the same thing. And Yes, I also wholeheartedly believe in the open source software model.

To address your questions:

Yes, people make money programming nonetheless.

Yes, licensing and legal avenues (which usually doesn’t have to come to actual lawsuits) are the best (meaning “most effective”) way to protect your products and IP.

Yes, I support myself.
No, I’m not rich …yet : )