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I’d think if the code wasn’t protected I’d get totally ripped off.

Meh, pretty pointless. At the end up the day you’ll be serving up minified and compressed files that won’t be easy to replicate.

I will?
I’m new so I don’t know enough about it but right now I’m writing full Javascript and php.

Even if you don’t do anything weird like scrambling up the code so it’s illegible, you can still set up the license to protect your work if you’re planning on selling it.

That theory sounds good but in reality it’s not like I could sue or enforce 250,000 different people who stole my work…
Cannot afford it and don’t see how to enforce that or even prove they stole it.
They would only have to modify a little here and there and then it’s not provable.

I’m a strong supporter of full open-sourcing, the benefits are amazing.
What benefits to help me make money and make a living?

If I sell something for $45 or $50 bucks but it’s all open source code I don’t see many people paying for it if they can easily steal it.

Even if people don’t steal it on a larger level a company or another developer could easily create a competing product from my source and screw me out of my sales.

If I’m handing others the source it’s like I’ll be working for nothing.
I’m already too broke for that.

Do you guys support yourself by selling projects to the public ?

Next question:
Are you wealthy?