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Does the time management thing really require you to track the whole project again? If management wants to track productivity, it seems you could just keep a log of commits (possibly including “end-of-day checkpoint” commits if a particular task isn’t actually completed) associated with each time period. But I know there might be reasons this wouldn’t be practical in your case (i.e., for your company).

Likewise, if you wanted “project management” software, you wouldn’t necessarily have to duplicate (triplicate) everything. Write something that does the jobs you still lack (e.g., client issues, requests, specs, timelines), and point at git when it comes to the actual project.

If you get a ready-made all-in-one solution, it’s very likely to be a similar collection of tools, just tied together with a matching GUI. That part is not a bad thing, but it would have the disadvantage of scrapping your existing process and tools (personally, I would never approve of moving away from git).