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I changed the logo to straight blue, I think it looks a little better/fitting. Kind of feels like I need to add a secondary color to the layout now.

Well just the third link will have padding on the right and it won’t be lined up with the rest of the content. I suppose I could just add :last-child {padding-right: 0}, and it’ll be a little bit better. I’ll give this a try later.

Ehh I guess that’s true, I can always add support for smaller resolutions when the time comes. It’s not an issue with display I didn’t take it that far yet.

I haven’t got around to playing with flex box yet, I don’t think I’ll be using it for a few years though, until browser support is there. I try to support IE8+ and pretty much everything on with a usage of greater than 1% . That’s just me though.

The blue kind of grew on me! I was going to make it light grey and then blue on hover, but hover states are kind of strange/confusing when they’re not clickable. I could make the whole <header> the link to the post, but then my category link wouldn’t work. I think the blue works for the time being.

Do you think the paragraph text below the post header should have equal padding-left to the header? or does it look ok?

Thanks for the quick response!