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@coljung I understand you…its hard to understand right, atleast it was for me. In the non-responsive era you could just do: Width:320px, etc…you had some kind of size where you could work in. But now…how to still know in what you are working in? Width:90% – What is 90% right…how do you know, the browser size is always different. Smartphones, tablets, SmartTV, different LED screens, you name it….But once you start to understand those % specifications,….things get easier.

But its hard, i know! People here just say:”Why ask? Its just like that, don’t think in pixels”. Like they never had to find out for themselves or ask someone. Don’t get me wrong! I learned loads of things on here, but responding with answers like…its just the way it is – is bloody frustrating. Not everyone has people in the webworld in rl where we can ask questions to.