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I want to select the last child of elements with a specific attribute.

You can’t…with CSS

Pseudo-selectors like :last-child or nth-child or nth-of-type only select based on elements not classes or attributes.

Either something is the last-child or it isn’t. If it’s the last element in a parent it will be selected.

Remember that CSS reads ‘right to left’

So, in your case, it’s testing for it to meet all the conditions.

It looks to see if something is the last child then if it has the attribute and class. If it doesn’t have all three…in that order…it fails.

The :first-child is working

My guess it that this is just by chance….the element just happens to be the first element in the parent. You can test this for yourself by adding an extra element in front, temporarily, to your code.

JQuery can do this selector for you though.