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I don’t think you are understanding my question.

When you visit /page/index.php?id=42, your scripts (your website scripts, i.e., index.php) knows what to display because it can look up which page has the id of 42.

For example, if you use this rule

RewriteRule page/(\d+)$ /page/index.php?id=$1

…and visit /page/42, the only reason your website might know what to do is because the rule rewrites /page/42 into /page/index.php?id=42, and that is what the website “sees.”

If your website needs that id number, you need to figure out a way to provide it. If you can’t, then no amount of rewriting will help.

So, does your website know what to do if you give it a page title instead of an id?

they said it was a syntax error. But i seriously dont think thats what the issue is.

If you’re getting a 500 error, yes, it is most likely a syntax error.
Undo the changes you made and see if the error goes away.

I have followed many tutorials…

Tutorials for what? Don’t try following directions for something without first understanding what it is you need to do. They might be directions for the wrong thing.