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Ah. I thought it would in fact throw an error.

Notices and Strict Standards are errors. Just not fatal. PHP is designed to keep going at all costs, which is good in some sense but not in others. You should pay attention to all errors, especially during development. Think of it this way: it’s doing something it shouldn’t be, so go fix it.

the single-point-of-entry method if you’re referring to one session overall…

“Single Point of Entry” means that there is only one script/ function/ whatever that all requests go through.

For example, a typical php project might have index.php, contact.php, about.php, etc.. Each is a point of entry: users visit these pages directly, and they do {whatever} without regard to the system as a whole. This design is easier to code, but creates more work keeping everything in sync, and in making sure that when scripts do interact, they do so smoothly.

In contrast, another project might have all of those functions, but when you visit the index or contact or about url your request is actually handled by a single script (say, app.php) which does common setup work, then manages doing the requested task, then cleans up, and so forth. None of the individual “task” scripts are actually accessible individually.