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He he he. This is awesome. Open up your terminal. Type the following:

cd /home/erik
mkdir test
cd test
touch test.html
git init
git status

This is how git works and how you should learn. What you’re doing here is changing into your user directory… which you should already be in. Also, the file path may be SLIGHTLY different in Ubuntu. If you want to know where you are at any time… just type pwd in the terminal. That stands for “Print working directory.”

Anyway, then you’re making a directory called test. Then, you’re changing your directory to the new one you just created. Then you’re making an empty file called test.html. Then you’re initializing git so it can track all the stuff in that directory. Then, you’re having git show you the status. You should have a few items that need to be added to your head.

To track these items… type this:

git add .
git commit -m "My awesome commit message."

Come back and post when you’ve done all that. Congrats… you’re now a basic git user!