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So what do you guys use these mini-machines (?) for?

Yeah, I’m building a remote trail cam for wildlife watching/weather monitoring purposes. RPI makes it easy as hell because they sell damn near ever accessory you need on Adafruit. PIR sensors, IR cameras, solar panels, etc.

I had the same question at first. But… once you realize the power of full-blown Linux on a computer the size of a credit card… the question becomes “What CAN’T you build?”

A VERY common project is DIY drones. People build those all the damn time.

It’s still data they could potentially profit from so I don’t see why they would remove it.

You guys should watch Morgan Spurlock’s show “Inside Man.” There’s an episode where he tries to get his info from a company. He never gets it… but he finds out some pretty interesting stuff.

Your comments are always very insightful and I enjoy reading them because you really seem to “get it.” There’s only one problem: There’s not enough of them.