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The ironic part is that the government is the one that designed TOR, and now they’re trying to break it.

Also (from the tor website):

Tor does not provide protection against end-to-end timing attacks: If your attacker can watch the traffic coming out of your computer, and also the traffic arriving at your chosen destination, he can use statistical analysis to discover that they are part of the same circuit.

This might sound like an impractical attack, but note that it doesn’t need to be done in real time. If someone is monitoring traffic to the website in question, they will see your final (unencrypted) request, and they can get records from the ISP after-the-fact and do the analysis later (even years later —ever wonder why the NSA stores data it can’t immediately decrypt, doesn’t have the manpower to review, and is seemingly otherwise uninterested in?).

So, VPN + HTTPS everywhere + TOR + “clean” computer and browser. Plus public internet access where you don’t need to provide your identity (e.g., starbucks wifi while wearing a disguise parked outside in a “borrowed” car with fake plates. Pay for the VPN with a prepaid debit card that you purchased with cash, preferably not cash withdrawn from your bank, also in disguise and at a store you’ve never been to before. And don’t forget to leave your cellphone at home).


So what do you guys use these mini-machines (?) for?

print server, dev webserver. Home automation/ remote cameras are another common use (I think that’s what Joe is looking at doing with his). I’ve been trying to work out using mine as a controller for a (top-secret) programming desk I’m designing.

A friend of mine wanted me to build one with a rangefinder and a camera that he could mount on the back of his bike and automatically photograph license plates when cars got too close (the law here is < 3ft). I don’t have the time/money to develop that, but if anyone wants to fund me… : )