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I can tell you one thing I will NEVER download from Tor ever again… well movies & music that is! (Not saying I ever had)

TOR hides the middle of your traffic. If someone is watching the beginning of your connection (e.g., your ISP), then it accomplishes nothing. Get a VPN.

Also, while TOR is good for day-to-day anonymity, it is wholly ineffective as a cover for illegal activities. The government controls too many endpoints. Note that I’m not looking for a solution to illegal activities; but if it really worked for good, then it would also work for evil.

Although the Black is DEFINITELY more badass.

It really is. But the availability is horrible — took me eight weeks to get mine, because everyone kept selling out within 2-3 hours of getting them back in stock. Recently, sellers have been imposing one-per-order rules as well. Come on, BB! step up production!