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The only way to “gain momentum” is to provide pirated sources to your users. That’s where the success would be coming from.

That won’t be were the success comes from. The success will come from the carefully selected movies, wether it includes any download sources or not. I simply think it will help with the success but not enough for people to stop visiting the website once i remove the download sources.

Vicarious liability and contributory copyright infringement.

Google is basically doing the same thing i’m doing. They link to pirate websites but on a much larger scale. Not that it makes it ok, but if they can do it and get away with it I’m sure others can, unless Google knows a legal loophole that no one else is aware of.

I think I might remove the pirate sources either way because I don’t want the website to have a bad image. For example, people don’t necessarily think nice thoughts about PirateBay, or any website that hurts companies/people/anything and I am aware that linking to pirate sources will hurt the film industry and so people will think badly about, even if they pirate content themselves.
To put it in short terms: Sending users to bad websites, will make my website bad.