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I doubt they will waste their time(even if its an easy target) with a small, unpopular website. If the website gets popular then they might take notice, but for now I don’t think its much of a risk. I was thinking of removing the pirate sources once the website gains momentum.

You’re not really thinking this through clearly. What is the whole point in this website? To gain users, correct? The only way to “gain momentum” is to provide pirated sources to your users. That’s where the success would be coming from. To remove the pirated sources would also result in losing users. The whole logic behind this does not make any sense.

When it comes to the users I will post warnings and detail the risks of downloading from pirate websites, and make the legal sources look better than the illegal ones.

For what? That does not protect you in any way.

but there are many people who do it and so I think including pirate sources can help the site grow.

Ever heard of that old-saying, “if your friend jumped off a bridge[..]”?