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So long as you are aware that you can be prosecuted for it, it’s your decision whether you take that risk. Personally, I wouldn’t; especially when it’s not clear that there’s anything to gain from it.

@BenWalker I am aware that theres a risk involved but I think adding multiple sources including pirate sources can increase the chance of the website succeeding. I feel a little guilty about promoting piracy but there are many people who do it and so I think including pirate sources can help the site grow.

I also mentioned that i will most likely remove the pirate links if the website becomes noticeable.

On a mobile device there is a lot of vertical scrolling due to the picture sizes, which could be more compact (maybe pictures to the left of titles rather than above them?).

I put the titles on the left of the cover to see what it would look like but it still looked too empty. I decreased the image size and displayed 2 covers per row. It definitely looks better and image quality would improve on retina display devices. Thanks for the advice.

I agree. “Did you know?” seems friendlier in a way.