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if I’m not mistaken, he [me] runs Mint!

I was. I had mint+cinnamon on my laptop, which turned out to be a piece of junk (the laptop, not mint). I’m back to my old desktop now, and I’ve got Ubuntu on it. I should be getting a new machine soon, and I’m probably going to go back to Mint with it.

I love Arch. It’s the flavor I play around with. I’m running it on my BBB and I’ve got it on a flash drive I mess around with too. No, it’s not for casual users, but it’s probably the most beginner-friendly distro if you’re going with a bare-bones, “deep end” experience.

The main reason I stick with ubuntu/mint/debian for regular use is that they are very stable, have tons of resources, active community, and excellent software repos. If you’re a computer user, ubuntu(like) is probably the place to start.

I don’t consider myself a linux “expert” either. I can figure out what I’m doing.