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I like the design. At first sight, it reminds me a bit of Netflix and it doesn’t look like a “personal blog”. It’s clean. BUT… maybe a bit TOO clean. I see categories and movies, but that’s it. Personally, I would prefer to see links or descriptions right away — even if they’re copyrights or disclaimers.

To me, what makes a “professional” site, is immediate “professional” links or bits. I know that sounds weird, but I guess us users are trained to recognize official/professional site by seeing their official/professional links and such.

Now, the most important thing to me is the fact that the site claims that it knows what’s best. “The Best Movies“. That’s a very, very bold statement and it better deliver. I’ll be honest — when I see that statement, and then in the first row I see two movies that I think are ridiculously overrated and just plain crap, my first thought is “yeah right”. I’d probably not visit the site again, because I don’t think people like to be told what’s best.

Don’t get me wrong — I like a LOT about this site, but the one little thing that I don’t like, would be enough for me to not return immediately.

All in all, I think the main idea is good, but the execution could be a little better. For me personally, there’s no immediate need to bookmark the site if I would stumble upon it.

Maybe I’m not your target audience. But since you asked for feedback….there it is. :) Hope it’s helpful.