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@BenWalker Thank you for the feedback. I didn’t realize there were so many simple mistakes and I’m wondering why i didn’t put a “/” between Download and Stream”. I made the changes based on your suggestions.


inappropriate advertising,” right? viruses, malware, …legal consequences (not only for your users, but possibly for you as well)?

Although I’m not sure you should be recommending that at all.

I almost didn’t include pirate sources because of that reason. I realized that most people pirate movies rather than buy them on iTunes or DVD, so it would be an important feature. I also realized the decision is theirs to make although I should maybe include an alert message detailing the risks if they click on pirate sources and advising them to download from the legal links above. All I’m doing is listing places where they can download / stream the movie and that includes pirate websites.

As you get more comfortable with writing, you might consider making a “blog”-like feature where you write a whole article on a given film and feature it (e.g., put it on the front page for a week or so). Since what makes a movie “good” is subjective anyway, writing from a personal perspective can help you cultivate regular visitors.

I thought about doing something like that. Good to know it’s not just one of my terrible ideas. If this website does okay, I might create a blog section or something.