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Ok I gave this another attempt, Do you think it looks better now with the color change since it matches the tags and the color change of the question doesn’t make it look out of place but its still noticeable with its font weight.

It actually makes it less noticeable which is what you don’t want and I still think the centered text kills the flow of the page.

So would it be odd to have all my article intro pictures show the same width but display a different height ?

First, you want all of your thumbnail images to be the same height and width, even if you crop them in a way that the whole photo is not within that thumbnail. It just needs to show the important part of the picture.

Second, there are many resources (e.g. Creative Commons) to find images for free that you can use and then scale or crop them to fit the size you need for all images.

Before I forget, I would upload a normal avatar of your current author picture and get rid of that rotated effect you have going on.