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  1. It’s pretty difficult to find the actual css. I couldn’t find it in any of your site’s menus (I had to follow the “if you’d like to see ComponentCSS in action” link under “Getting Started” on your home page). Make a [Download] button, or a “Fork me on Github” banner, or something!
  2. Your site emphasizes “purpose” and “documentation,” but your project has very little documentation and the purpose of most rules is unclear. I would definitely need instructions if I were to “jump in” to using this. You mention a “styleguide,” which I couldn’t find anywhere.

  3. Almost everything you size is in pixels. This is tight coupling, not loose. If I wanted to change the overall scale of my site, I’d be faced with dozens of edits (and the math to go along with it). (r)ems are much more flexible: just change the base size, and everything else follows suit proportionally. Since you’re using a preprocessor, you could use variables and provide a “fallback” px measurement also.

  4. I understand that you’re not trying to be bootstrap (good, btw), but this css seems very narrowly focused. It seems to provide for only one layout (one col with a footer and sidebar). You also emphasize ease of theming, but your theme file contains only a few color variables.

The site itself looks fine. It doesn’t “stand out,” in my mind, but that’s okay. What needs to stand out is your CSS.