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Okay, so what its supposed to do is there there is a div with id=”videos” in the html where a slideshow (of a list of videos) should appear. I get this list of videos from a random Vimeo’s channel using Vimeo’s API, which works fine (as in listing all the videos) if I use the ajax retrieval method like below where I am creating a list of videos using the data obtained :

var list = “<ul>”;
$.each(response, function(key, value) {
list = list + “<li><a href='” + value.url + “‘>” + value.title + “</a> </li>”;
list = list + “</ul>”;


But the moment I change the above code inside the list variable to include an iframe (the way in original example and as mentioned in the AnythingSlider’s demos) and the AnythingSlider specific function, nothing appears. I’ve taken the above anythingslider specific code from AnythingSlider’s [video.html
]( “video.html”) and I have included the ul id=’slider’ bit as well so I can’t figure out what could be going wrong.